Reasons to support the Quiet Route

Greenbank to Meadows

Safe space outside the school
  • quieter, more pleasant streets
  • more opportunities for neighbours and children to socialise and take part in unstructured play
  • safer means for children to get to school and to travel independently where appropriate
  • easier for children to cross to the Links for outdoor sports
  • opportunities for placemaking, planters, benches, street trees and greenery
  • clean air
  • less isolation, more sociable streets
  • an active and healthier population
  • reduction in households exposed to dangerous levels of air pollution
  • supports tackling the inactivity crisis
  • reduces traffic danger at source
  • helps reduce short journeys by car that could easily be walked or cycled given safe and pleasant conditions
  • reduces climate-breakdown-causing emissions
  • discourages drivers with no “social contract” to the area and the people who live there (local residents have greater reason to drive carefully).
Whitehouse Loan before and after the filter installation
Modal filter on Braid Road
Filter on Braid Rd
Map of the Greenbank to Meadows Quiet Route
Map of the Greenbank to Meadows Quiet Route

*Note that the current junction layout at Braidburn Terrace differs from this map