Walking Bus

As well as the bike bus, a good way of getting kids to school safely and healthily is to form a parent-led walking bus. This differs from the bike bus in that kids can be dropped off and walk without the need for attendance by their parents as long as two or more parents “lead” the walking bus. A good example of this can be seen in this news story about a walking bus in Cardiff:

Our proposal is to follow the route shown below, but specifically to have waiting points organised and a rough schedule of times at these waiting points.

We propose to run this walking bus initially every Friday and increasing frequency if possible. The rough anticipated times are as follows:

  • 8:05 – Junction with Blackford Avenue and Charterhall Road
  • 8:15 – South Gate of the Astley Ainslie
  • 8:25 – North Gate of the Astley Ainslie
  • 8:30 – Junction with Strathearn Road and Whitehouse Loan
  • 8:35 – Junction with Thirlestane Road and Whitehouse Loan

We propose parents can await the bus at these locations, with groups waiting here and then allow their children to walk to school, freeing parents from the need to drive nearer to the school gate, thus relieving congestion and pollution near the school.

In order for this to work we need a pool of parents who would be willing to do this and a rota system set up whereby parents sign up for particular days. If you would be interested or can help be part of this rota please email us here in the first instance at info@blackfordsafe routes.co.uk. Parents who are interested will be required to pass a PVG check which the school itself can do.