Traffic Surveys

22 May 2019

A traffic survey was carried out at the junction of Oswald Rd and South Oswald Rd during the roadworks which have temporarily closed Oswald Rd to motor traffic between South Oswald Rd and Mortonhall Rd. The aim is to repeat the survey when the roadworks are lifted to evaluate the potential impact of a modal filter near this location. Another survey on Blackford Ave would also be desirable to measure any traffic displacement.

The survey was carried out under the following conditions:

  • Normal school day (Wednesday).
  • Between the hours of 08:00 and 08:30.
  • Location: Junction of Oswald Rd and South Oswald Rd.
  • Oswald Rd closed to motor traffic between South Oswald Rd and Mortonhall Rd (Oswald Rd open to pedestrians & cycles).
  • Dry, sunny, light wind.
  • Vehicle/pedestrian/bike movements were counted and allocated to one street only, according to the direction of travel, even if the vehicle used both roads (i.e. vehicles were not counted twice if they used both Oswald Rd and South Oswald Rd).
  • “Traffic” means motor-vehicles, pedestrians and bikes for the purposes of this survey.


  • The majority of traffic was westbound on South Oswald Rd.
  • The number of cyclists and pedestrians far outweighed the number of motor vehicles, with the exception of Oswald Rd southbound.
  • The junction was calm, pleasant and free from noise. One would feel confident bringing a 8-year old by bike through this junction.
  • Of the westbound traffic on South Oswald Rd , it is assumed that the motor vehicles were all related to the Astley Ainsley hospital and the pedestrians and cyclists were mostly related to JGPS travel to school.
  • The remaining motor traffic is assumed to be drivers unaware of the road closure, or residents.
Oswald Rd
Oswald Rd
South Oswald Rd
South Oswald Rd


  • *The HGV that passed along South Oswald Rd was a bin lorry (presumably) servicing the Astley Ainsley, going there and returning. (Editors note: this is not a great time for a bin lorry to be using this road, perhaps we could get this changed?)
  • A couple of vehicles appeared confused by the road closure i.e. they were not aware of it.