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@Samuel_Lloyds @rimc123 @BrianMilne80 @blackfordsafer1 Today as I rode north there I spotted 4-5 joggers, 2 classes of school kids (holiday clubs?) walking, about 4-5 couples out walking, at least a dozen cyclists and only 1 car moving. This was about midday. Not quiet but the right kind of busy!

@rimc123 @BrianMilne80 @blackfordsafer1 I love that route. Use it any time I'm traversing that side of town which is quite regular (from parents to town and back). Actually quite quick, the hills are easy, and a lovely leafy quiet atmosphere. I rode through there today going northwards and it was fast and relaxed

👋 People on bikes like to shop too. At 4 lanes wide (incl. parking), there’s plenty of room to respect the travel hierarchy. Surely room for a protected bike lane *and* wider pavements? blackfordsafer1 photo