Play Street

On the 26th March, the junction between Spottiswoode Road and Spottiswoode street will be closed between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. to encourage local families to play in the the street and help design a better and more people-centred design for the junction.

We will be providing chalk so kids can help us design a better, safer and more liveable junction. This is a very commonly used junction to cross for both primary and high school students going to James Gillespie’s Primary School and James Gillespie’s High School. We are encouraging pupils and families to spend the morning using the space for play and creating a safer junction, potentially as shown in the image below:

Potential redesign of the junction

We plan to encourage families to come and use the space for free play.

We will be providing refreshments free of charge but we ask for charitable donations to the appeal below at Marchmont St Giles. As we want to minimise waste and be as sustainable as possible please do bring your own flasks and cups if possible!

After this event it would be great if people could attend and donate to the fundraiser for a small charity supporting children in Kyiv at Marchmont St Giles, so just round the corner!