New Edinburgh Primary School and JGPS

This page is intended to be a resource for parents of children at JGPS who are interested in the developments and potential changes regarding the new school.


Relevance for JGPS Parents

Due to the change of the catchment for JGPS which occurred under statutory consultation in 2018, from August 2022 (when the new school is planned to open), children who were previously in the catchment for JGPS will now be in the catchment for the new school. It is not clear yet exactly which years will be open, but for those parents who have children already at JGPS (and thus guaranteed a place), if the new catchment means their younger siblings would start at the new school this presents a big logistical problem.

Revised catchment areas

Recent Question/Answer from the school to the council

(Answered by project lead Robbie Crockatt – ) .
  1. Will children who have had to start in this school in August 2021 but who are in the new school catchment, be allowed to continue in this school or will they need to transfer to the new school when it opens? Or will this be an option for those that wish to?
    No child will be transferred unless they want to.  And they will only be able to transfer if that stage exists in the new school (for example, there is only going to be a P1 in the first year so a P5 will not be able to transfer).
  2. Are we expecting our school roll to exceed capacity in August 2021 because of the delayed opening of the new school? If this happens, where will the additional class(es) go?
    We’re expecting that you will be able to continue as you have been.  The impact you feel on your roll will be gradual as the new school builds.
  3. Will the change of catchment at the northern end of our catchment from us to Tolcross continue as planned in August 2021?
    No.  Tollcross change will only take place when the rest of the catchment changes in November 2021.

Current situation as summarised by Daniel Johnson MSP

The registration process for P1 pupils who will be entering the new school in Canaan Lane in August 2022 will commence in November 2021. At present, we have not made a final decision on whether we will be able to offer places at the new school for other year groups because we need to carry out further analysis of the expected pupil numbers at all the schools involved and work out what is the most appropriate overall accommodation proposals now that we have had a further year’s delay.

The delay complicates things because it creates for example, another full year of pupils who need to be accommodated through the existing schools if that’s what families choose. The key inputs into this further analysis will be this year’s school roll projections (production of which has been delayed until March 2021 because of COVID-19 implications) and a better understanding of the expected P1 intake numbers for August 2021 (which should also be clearer by March 2021). Once we have completed the assessment of what’s possible we will engage with families who live in the catchment area for the new school. This engagement will take place before the end of June 2021.

The Council decision based on the Outcome report considered was that no sibling guarantee would be available. A link to the Outcome report which was agreed by the Council is below.