Meadows to Greenbank Quiet Route

The council is proposing the route shown below as part of its “Spaces for People” (SfP) initiative in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.


The above proposal has been prepared by the council, and will be voted on by the Transport and Environment Committee in November – date to be confirmed.

Provenance of the Design

This design is a subset of the designs that we originally submitted to the Sustrans under their “Spaces for Everyone” funding scheme. You can see those plans in the below map and in more detail under the “Liveable Neighbourhoods” section here.

The above designs were sent to sustrans and gained the initial funding for a feasibility study and consultation with match funding by the council for construction in 2019, but were then deferred until 2021 given the pandemic.

Local Political Context

We at Blackford Safe Routes were unaware the council had used our designs (and indeed referenced us in them) and were proposing them for the Spaces for People scheme until the Liberal Democrat councillor for the Morningside Ward produced them on a leaflet questioning the details and procedure of the proposal.

Supporting the SfP Proposals

We are supportive of the proposals as they stand. Please see some context and template letter of support here.