Local organisations supporting the Quiet Route

This page contains quotes from local organisations which support the Quiet Route.

Colin McLean – headteacher, James Gillespie’s Primary School.

The James Gillespie’s Primary School community has worked over a number of years to ensure every child has the right to walk safely and independently to and from school. This is normal in many other countries around the world and should be normal here too. The school community has

  • installed bike and scooter parking.
  • established a bike bus to get children cycling to school.
  • encouraged parents to stop driving to school and to walk or wheel to school.
  • Engaged in local community organisations to find solutions for safe travel to school.

Unfortunately, many families do not yet feel our local roads are safe enough for young children to travel to school independently. Low Traffic Neighbourhood solutions such as that provided by the Greenbank to Meadows Quiet Route would enable all children to enjoy this right. The benefits of active travel for children’s health, wellbeing and learning & development are well established. Many parts of the world have adopted this approach and have seen the wider benefits for all citizens that this has brought. I fully support this approach as a headteacher.

Communication Workers Union

The local CWU rep and postal colleagues fully support the Meadows to Greenbank Quiet Route proposals. We recognise that this will create safer streets, closer communities and make the streets less polluted and a more pleasant place to be. As postal workers on foot, we welcome the lower traffic volumes on residential streets, and as delivery drivers we see no significant difference to delivery times or access as all areas can still be accessed by vehicle.