Kidical mass route notes for Marshals

Some notes on the route – perhaps overkill but it acts as we are persuading families with kids who potentially don’t already ride on the road let’s be overly cautious. The route is as below:

First Section – Out of the park

We’re meeting roughly at the start bit here but congregating around here from around 1:30. The first tricky bit is here – we need a couple of folk to block cars coming both ways along Harrison Road as the group leaves the park via the path adjacent to the canal. We also then need a couple of folk blocking the cars coming from Gillsland Road and North from Polwarth Terrace as we all go as a group through the lights on this corner.

Second section – Polwarth Grove/Gardens

This bit is more or less ok but it is slightly uphill so it’s important to go very slowly here – we will be putting the smallest kids at the front but it’s worth bearing in mind this hill might wear them out a bit. Risks are double parking constricting our movement in taking the lane so the jobs we need here from Marshalls are:

  • Potentially blocking upcoming traffic ahead of the main group if there is a serious constriction due to double parking
  • Waiting at side roads to prevent anyone in a car trying to squeeze into the group

Section 3 – Gilmore Place

This bit is probaby ok but will need the same marshalling tactics as above:

  • Side roads need blocking both sides as some are rat runs
  • As we come around the bend at around Lower Gilmore Place, there are roadworks and we need folk to block oncoming traffic there potentially, or at least protect the group as it passes and advise traffic – can’t block too much traffic or it may back up the to the junction which would be bad.

Section 4 – King’s Theatre Junction

Here we are going to wait at the lights even if green to allow the group to bunch up and wait – taking both lanes (left turn and right turn lanes). I’ll ask the police to join us at this junction. On the pedestrian phase we need:

  • Two Marhals to block traffic from Tarvit Street
  • Two Marshals blocking traffic northbound
  • Two Marshals blocking traffic southbound
  • Two Marshals to go in front of the ride – one to stop anyone turning right onto Valleyfield street, and one at the end of valleyfield street.

Section 5 – The meadows

We need a couple of folk to stop traffic on Leven Terrace when we turn right at the end of ValleyField – hopefully there won’t be any but good to have someone waiting at the end. We turn right and then take this path up the Meadows:

This is a bit of a hill so before we join Leamington walk for the downhill section we will wait a bit at the top and ensure everyone has caught up and help anyone that needs a hand. We then cycle down to the lights at the junction of Leamington Walk and Marchmont Road. Would be good on all of this section to have a couple of folk let pedestrians know about the oncoming group.

Section 6 – Melville Drive

Once the lights go green, we need:

  • A Marshal stopping cars coming down Marchmont Road when the lights go green for them again
  • Two Marshals up front to stop traffic eastbound on Melville Drive
  • Two Marshals up front to stop traffic westbound on Melville Drive
  • Folk to hand out flyers to pedestrians at the next pedestrian lights as we’ll go through once they are green, and at the next set too.