Liveable neighbourhoods – design brief

Key aims:

  • Create a low-traffic, safe, cycling, walking and wheeling route from the Blackford Ave. / Charterhall Rd. junction to James Gillespie’s Primary School.
  • Include place-making aspects such as parklets, benches, street trees, cycle parking, raised tables and continuous footway.
  • The on-road sections must be low-traffic by design, i.e. through-motor-traffic is prevented.
  • Place-making and active travel facilities shall cover the entire area identified in the design concept map


The active travel route shall:

  • be convenient, direct, contiguous and intuitive to navigate
  • be suitable for cycling for all abilities, all bicycle types and all ages, 8 to 80 years
  • be low-traffic by design, i.e. free from through-motor-traffic
  • be connected to the wider cycle network e.g the canal towpath and Leamington Walk
  • be given priority at side-road crossings
  • have 2 segregated cycleway sections: along Blackford Ave. and Charterhall Rd. as per the concept design map
  • have segregated sections of appropriate width (no sub-standard widths)
  • be free from obstructions e.g. gates, chicanes, rumble strips, awkward traffic islands or awkward road crossings
  • provide for at least 3 design options for the locations of the modal filters
  • identify locations for possible motor vehicle turning circles where any modal filters create a cul-de-sac
  • improvements to the gate and access arrangements at the Astley Ainsley site at both the North gate access at Whitehouse Ln. and Newbattle Tce. and the West gate access at S. Oswald Rd.
  • identify areas where the footway is too narrow and widen it
  • not be afraid to remove parking to achieve its aims

The placemaking aspects shall:

  • include at least 5 parklets (1 at Warrender Pk. Rd./Marchmont St., 1 at Whitehouse Ln./Greenhill Tce., other 3 locations TBD)
  • identify locations for street trees along the entire corridor
  • provide continuous footway with raised tables across key side roads on the key walking routes into school
  • identify locations for benches, cycle parking and cargo bike parking
  • identify locations where refuse bins will need to be moved to allow bin lorries to access the bins without the need for reversing
  • include improvements outside the school gate to manage motor traffic behaviour, as identified in the school travel plan
  • identify locations for bollards or other protections to prevent motor vehicles encroaching on the footway
  • not be afraid to remove parking to achieve its aims

The motor vehicle aspects shall:

  • include the option of a right-turn capability at (or near) Tollcross for vehicles travelling North along Home St and wishing to access Brougham St.
  • include the option of a right-turn filter at the junction of Blackford Ave. and Charterhall Rd. for vehicles travelling South along Blackford Ave. and wishing to access Charterhall Rd.

Comments on Marchmont Rd. / Kilgraston Rd / Blackford Ave corridor:

  • a popular walking route for High School children
  • a popular cycling route for University students
  • suffers from inadequate footway widths, high traffic volumes, speeding traffic and subsequent noise and danger
  • a bus route
  • suffers from frequent motor vehicle crashes at the junctions
  • is subject to a separate and inadequate “cycling improvements” scheme (currently stalled)
  • to be considered as part of the JGPS Liveable Neighbourhood scheme (?)
  • is not clear if/how/should it be incorporated in the Liveable Neighbourhood scheme