Warrender Pk Rd footway enhancement – consultation response

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  • Build-out schemes produced today should be compatible with Liveable Neighbourhood designs of the future, to avoid costly and time-consuming rework.
  • The existing raised-table should be rebuilt with steeper ramps to adequately slow vehicles.
  • A second raised table is required across Warrender Pk Rd, at the junction.
  • An additional informal crossing (with dropped kerbs) is required on the northern arm of Avanley Tce.
  • Some, or all, of the pedestrian guardrail on the west side of Avanley Tce should be removed.
  • “School Keep Clear” zigzags should be provided adjacent to the school gate.
  • The centre-line of Warrender Pk Rd should be removed.
  • The footway build-outs should be extended on both sides eastward, so that they continue past the footway obstructions (on Warrender Pk Rd).
  • The consultation should to be updated to include the reasons for the changes, as defined in the school travel plan.

Compatibility with Liveable Neighbourhoods

The proposed footway build-outs, as designed, are to be considered a stepping-stone towards a true pedestrian-friendly environment outside the school gate.

As part of the liveable neighbourhoods (LN) plans, and indeed to create a truly contemporary and safe road layout, it is desirable to create continuous-footway crossings with pedestrian priority on Warrender Pk Rd and possibly on Whitehouse Loan/Avanley Tce as well.

In order to create a safe & successful continuous-footway with pedestrian-priority, it is necessary to greatly reduce the current traffic volumes along Warrender Pk Rd. To do this would require modal-filters (the two planned in LN, one between Lauderdale St and Marchmont St and the other on Whitehouse Ln) and a one-way system on Warrender Pk Rd and Warrender Pk Tce. It is believed that this would be out-of-scope of the existing footway build-out project as described here.

However, it is desirable that any build-out schemes conducted today are compatible with LN designs of the future, to avoid costly and time-consuming rework.

It is noted that the footway build-outs, as currently designed, are an insufficient, although useful, stop-gap.

A possible configuration for the Liveable Neighbourhoods phase is shown below:

Raised tables

The sinusoidal raised-table at eastern end of the proposed build-outs on Warrender Pk Rd is too shallow and inadequate for slowing vehicle speeds. This raised table needs to be rebuilt with steeper edge angles on approach on both sides.

At the junction itself (western end of Warrender Pk Rd), there also needs to be a second raised table, with steep edges, to slow vehicle speeds. The reduction in bend-radii at the junction is helpful in terms of reducing speeds of vehicles entering Warrender Pk Rd, but that is not enough to slow vehicles passing the school gate heading west on Warrender Pk Rd.

Existing raised table to have steeper ramps
New west raised table to be created

Informal Pedestrian Crossings

The informal pedestrian crossing (delineated by dropped kerb) across Warrender Pk Rd is not close enough to the junction itself. This crossing has obstructed sightlines due to the high stone wall and needs to be moved much further west i.e. virtually inline with the footway on Whitehouse Ln / Avanley Tce.

A popular and convenient informal crossing point exists on the northern arm of Whitehouse Ln / Avanley Tce. It is currently obstructed by pedestrian guardrail on the western side of Avanley Tce. The pedestrian guardrail needs to be shortened (or removed entirely) and dropped kerb provided to facilitate pedestrians crossing.

New and relocated informal crossings


Double-yellow lines are a weak restriction, with passenger drop-offs and pick-ups allowed and loading up to 20 minutes. Although “loading” is defined as “moving heavy or bulky goods” and must be “a continuous operation”, double yellow lines are widely abused and used for general “I’ll just be 5 minutes” style parking.

Stronger lining measures should be included such as “School Keep Clear” zigzags (no drop-offs, no pick-ups, no stopping, no parking). At the very minimum, double-yellow “no loading” kerb blips should be included.

The centre-line of Warrender Pk Rd should be removed to make the road appear to be one which should be travelled at low speed and remove any driver entitlement of “this is my well marked-out lane, I can go fast, without fear of oncoming traffic”. See next image.

Footway width and length of build-out

The footway width is severely restricted where the two bike racks and a Post Office cabinet are positioned on the southeastern side of Warrender Pk Rd (adjacent to the existing raised table and marked M/R 0.4m and JBox on the drawing). The footway build-outs should be extended on both sides eastward, so that they continue past the obstructing bike racks & cabinet.

Footway buildout extension and centre-line removal


The consultation survey itself does not explain the reasons behind the changes. The reasons for the changes were clearly explained in the school travel plan.

How does CEC expect the community to buy into the changes, if the reasons behind them are not clearly explained?

The consultation needs to be updated with the reasons for the changes, given in the school travel plan.