This site is dedicated to collecting materials and information pertaining to creating safe routes for cycling and walking to and from the Blackford area with a particular interest in journeys to and from schools. The relevant schools in question are

  • James Gillespie’s Primary School – the headmaster Colin McLean firmly supports active travel to school and in particular off-road routes through the Astley Ainslie.
  • St. Peter’s RC Primary School
  • The new Morningside Primary school to be built in Canaan Lane
  • James Gillespie’s High School

The current specific aim of this site is to ensure that any development of the Astley Ainslie Hospital is done with safe routes to school in mind. Our vision is that there be a safe, off-road route for walking and cycling from the east to west (Oswald Road entrance to Canaan Lane entrance), and safe, off-road route to the north entrance. A rough outline can be seen in the Documents section where we propose rough routes to the above school from the Blackford Area.

The list of local politicians who strongly support the proposition that there should be safe walking and cycling routes through the site are listed below:

The list of those who support the proposition in principle, but without strict to adherence to idea that the routes should be off-road

  • Cameron Rose – Conservative councillor for the Newington ward