Greenbank to Meadows Quiet Route proposals

This quiet route proposal by the council incorporates part of our bike bus route and would be transformative – imagine it being safe to ride to school every day! Please do follow this link to write to your councillors and express your support (click on the post to access the link) Greenbank to Meadows Quiet […]

JGPS Cycling Bus – Launch Event 22nd March

More details forthcoming including route information for the cycling bus from the Blackford area to school, where there will be activities for everyone arriving at school including free bike servicing and breakfast. Please see more details on the cycling bus page, which will be updated with the latest information.

Grange Rd pedestrian crossings

Spokes (the Lothian cycle campaign) have published the draft drawings for the proposed pedestrian crossings on Grange Rd here: 2018/10/1810-TRO-plans-18-81-Plans-1.pdf and responded here: Grange-Rd-draft-TRO-Spokes-comments.pdf (click on the post to access the links)